Q: Are your dogs all “English”?

A: Yes. The dogs we breed are from English / European lines.



Q: What is the price of your puppies?

A: Our puppies are $2,000-$2,500 depending upon the breeding. This includes worming, first vaccination, vet check, new owner binder (which includes copies of clearances, registration papers, titles, training information, feeding schedule etc.), a new puppy kit, a twenty-six month health guarantee against genetic defects and a lifetime of support from us.



Q: Much is being said about buying only from “reputable” breeders since there are so many “puppy mills” springing up all the time. What does “reputable” actually mean and how will I know for sure?

A: While not set in stone, there are some definite things to look for in a breeder and certain “red flags” – as we call them – to avoid. You may refer to our Reputable Breeder information for some incites.

We are part of an excellent network of reputable Golden Retriever breeders (English and American). You may call or email us any time. We would be happy to answer your questions. If we don’t know the answer, we will find out for you in a timely manner.



Q: How are your puppies raised?

A: Our puppies are whelped (born) in their own clean, quiet room (in our laundry room). It is kept at the optimal temperature with all supplies on hand. Puppies are weighed and color marked as they are born. Detailed records are kept. The whelping box is 4′ X 6′ and has a bed close by so we can spend the night with Mom and her “babies”.

At around 3½ to 4 weeks, we move to a bigger area with toys, litter box, bed etc. to stimulate learning. They are surrounded by everyday noises, like vacuums, tv, pets, children and other household noises. Puppies are taken outside to potty in the morning and several other times during the day (weather permitting). This allows housebreaking to begin. Weather permitting, the pups go outside at 4 to 5 weeks of age for fresh air, sunshine, a baby pool (weather permitting) and supervised play time in their own area of the yard.

We keep our pups 8-10 weeks and they go home with our 26 month guarantee. Before going to their new homes, our “babies” are given the best nutrition available, vet care (shots, deworming, etc.) and lots of love and socialization with children and adults. We value temperament tests – but find that a one day test is not accurate. So instead we watch, and document the pups temperaments from birth, to get a better overall picture of their demeanor.



Q: How do I get on your waiting list for a puppy?

A: The first step is to complete our “Questionnaire” if you would like to be considered. Once we receive it, we will then set up a time to talk over the phone. If, at that time, you feel that Perfect Peace Goldens is the breeder for you and we feel that you would make a good home for one of our puppies, you will be added to our waiting list.



Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: Yes, a $300 deposit is required to hold a reservation. It will be deducted from the purchase price.



Q: Is the deposit refundable?

A: Once the litter has been born, it is not refundable.

Note: We put much time and effort into planning a litter – and into choosing the right homes for the puppies we do not keep back for ourselves. Please make sure your decision to get a Golden Retriever puppy from us (or any other breeder) is well thought out before you send a deposit.



Q: Do you sell any puppies with full registration?

A: Pet puppies are sold with a limited registration. Spay/neuter contract required.No exceptions.

Note:Show prospects that we do not keep back for ourselves may be sold with a full registration – but ONLY to approved show homes or experienced breeders.



Q: What is the difference between full and limited registration?

A: Limited registration with the AKC allows for the dog to participate in all events with the exception of the confirmation shows and have any offspring registered with the AKC. Full registration allows the owner of that dog to show in the confirmation shows as well as breed and register the offspring with the AKC.



Q: When are the puppies ready to go home?

A: Pet puppies at 8 weeks from the day they are born (after first vaccination). Show prospects may be held back up to 10 weeks to be properly assessed.



Q: When the puppies go home, what vaccinations have they had?

A: We follow Dr. Jean Dodd’s minimum vaccination protocol for all of our dogs and puppies. Before leaving for their new homes, the puppies will have had their first puppy vaccination at8 weeks. We highly recommend the remaining vaccinations be given4 weeks apart up to 16 weeks of ageand another vaccination given sometime after 6 months of age –usually at 1 year 4 months.

We strongly recommend waiting on the Rabies shot until much older. We have seen reactions to the Rabies shot when given too young (some major). Please discuss with us, as to the best timing for you and your pup.

We include a puppy health record that keeps track of all of their medical history for the first 8 weeks so that you can provide your vet with this information.



Q: Do you ship your puppies?If so, what is the price?

A: We prefer our puppies be picked up in person (at our house or at the airport).

If it’s more than a 4-hour drive, the puppy can be taken onboard a flight with reservations in an approved airline carrier (a Sherpa bag for example).

In certain circumstances and under the right conditions (current weather, distance, destination), we will ship our puppies to those with prior approval. The cost typically ranges from $250 – $300.



Q: Have your dogs been health tested?

A: Yes. All of our dogs must pass their clearances before being considered for breeding. For Golden Retrieves, the standard clearances are (but not limited to) hips, elbows, eyes & heart.

Note:Most breeders in Europe do not do heart clearances. Some do not do elbows.



Q: Are we able to come and meet you and your dogs?

A: Yes, we encourage confirmed puppy buyers to come and meet us and our dogs. Please call first to make an appointment. However, when puppies are “on the ground”, visitation is at our discretion and never before 4 weeks of age. Be prepared to take off your shoes and wash your hands. We care about the health of our puppies!



Q: Do you ever have any older dogs available?

A: We very rarely have an adult or a puppy that needs to be re-homed. If that happens, we will first ask people who are on our waiting list if they would be interested. If not, we will announce the availability on our web site. However, please feel free to email us with your request and we will keep your information on hand. Sometimes there are other breeders in our network looking to place a young adult or puppy.



Q: What supplies will I need to purchase before I bring my puppy home?

A: Please see our section under How To Prepare For My New Puppy!