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- Proverbs 18:24

Here are some of our happy customers who wrote to say how they felt about us and the Goldens in which they have received. If you would like to contact any of them to ask how their experience was - click on the email (if provided) or contact us for their information.
"We have been lucky enough to have one of Angela's puppies join our family. Although, Cooper is still a pup, we can tell that he is going to grow into a very special dog. He is gorgeous and constantly tons of fun!

Everything that Angela says on her web site about how she raises the puppies is true. From day one we could view pictures of the pups, and often videos. She is very conscientious about all details from their birth to tracking them in their new homes. It's obvious that the puppies are raised with much love and care. Cooper is a very smart young man; confident , yet very loveable. He is a very balanced puppy. Training so far has been a breeze. Our vet has also been very impressed. To quote her, she said, "I see tons of puppies, and he seems exceptional."

Angela is very available to answer questions, give advice, and is a great source for raising healthy, happy dogs. She has also been helpful with advice about my American Golden who has some skin and allergy issues.

As owners and lovers of American Goldens for 30 years now, I can say that the English style Goldens are very special , and we are very fortunate to have found Angela who is a very special breeder."

- Becky Givens, who owns "Cooper" (Iowa)
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"I have nothing but praises for Angela at Perfect Peace Goldens. From day one she has been more than a wonderful breeder and guide through the whole puppy adventure. I received a beautiful and healthy puppy with the sweetest temperament. From the very beginning Angela told me she would be there for the life of my puppy, and she has more than proved herself!! Anytime I have had a question or concern no matter how big or small, Angela has always been just an email or phone call away with her prompt response. Because of my distance from Angela, my puppy was shipped. I didn't have to worry about a thing except for arriving at the airport on time. Angela arranged everything and my puppy arrived wagging his tail and very happy to see me. Angela, thank you for my sweet little boy, and for the support you have given me as my puppy grows into this beautiful dog."

- Ashley Varnes, who owns "Brodi" & "Miley" (South Carolina)
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"We just picked up our puppy from Perfect Peace Goldens. It was the best experience I have ever had with a breeder. We were in constant contact from the beginning of our process of finding the right puppy for our family. Angela was so supportive and helpful. I would absolutely recommend them to any one. I know I can call her any time with questions no matter what. That is a very comforting feeling. Copper has fit right in since the day he came home. He has just bonded immediately with us and is always snuggled up to our infant daughter. Copper lets her play all over him. He has such a loving and playful personality. He is a hit every where we go. We look forward to adding another puppy to our family in the future!!"

- Shannon Smith, who owns "Copper" (Arizona)
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"We've been living with Golden Retrievers for more than a half-century and have seen the breed evolve over the decades. When Goldens first became popular in the U.S. in the late 1950's, they were a sweet and docile breed. Over the decades, overbreeding has led to physical and temperament degradation. Today, one has to be extremely careful in choosing a professional breeder that respects and maintains the purity of the breed. After losing our 17 year-old Golden to cancer, and remembering that her predecessor lived to be 23 years old, we carefully researched the breeders in North America, knowing that the next two decades depended on a wise choice. It was obvious that PerfectPeace was our right choice.

From the very beginning, we knew Angela was serious about Golden Retrievers. This is not a hobby to her, she is passionate about her Goldens. She asks prospective owners to fill out a quiestionaire to ensure a match between owners and their puppies. Her puppies are precious commodities -- the father and mother are so carefully chosen to make sure the pups will have long and loving lives, besides being the most beautiful creatures on earth. She tries to match puppy characteristics to their prospective new family needs.

If you are lucky enough to qualify for a puppy, you're in for a real treat. Angela will be there for you when you need tips and pointers. She maintains a web-site for the owners of the litters to share pictures and experiences, and she helps by answering questions about the lineage of the pups and her experiences with raising Goldens. When you need help or advice, she'll stick by you throughout. It's like having a loving parent at your side when you're raising your kids.

Just look at the puppies and you'll be in love. But they get better and better with age -- they mature into spectacularly beautiful dogs. Our Sophia is now six months old. As she and I walk around my campus during the day, people with ordinary Goldens stop to ask what breed she is. When I tell them she's an English Golden, they are shocked by her wavy blond coat, delicate features, and loving personality. She is certainly not an ordinary Golden, she's a PerfectPeace Golden.

For us, Sophie is perfect. She's an all-weather dog that fits into our family of kids, cats, and chaos. She's pure love, wrapped in a soft fur coat. She lives to please, absorbs love, amplifies it, and shines it back unconditionally to everyone she encounters. She's a great role model for humanity. Thank you, Angela, for giving us our dream girl."

- David and Donna Wehe, who own "Sophie" (New York)
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"I cannot express my gratitude to Angela Alberts and Perfect Peace Goldens. I was kept well informed throughout the pregnancy, birth, and the pup's growth. In fact, Angela encouraged questions of all kinds and provided thoughtful, knowledgeable responses. Angela was adept at coordinating the right pup with each family. The pups were beautiful! I had the opportunity to visit the pups early on, and each one looked healthy and happy. Angela allows the pups to go in and out of her home, and socializes them to household goods and appliances. When I brought my pup home, he was well adapted and has become a wonderful addition to our family. We genuinely appreciate all that Angela and Perfect Peace Goldens have done for us.""

-The Deni's, who own "Buddy" (Denver, CO)
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"Perfect Peace Goldens presented us with joy, beyond our expectations, in the form of "Eddy," our now almost six-month old pup. From the beginning, before he arrived at our home in the State of Washington, Angela Alberts has been right there (as if in person) ready to answer any questions and be helpful in any way possible. Eddy is a very handsome, loving, intelligent dog with an almost "human" sense of humor. Only careful breeding can produce such a fine canine. Thank you, Angela!"

- The Roy's, who own "Eddy" (Washington)

"I have spent my whole life with animals and yet I had never heard of English Golden Retrievers before my wife started researching goldens for my son's 7th birthday present. What a wonderful discovery this was!!! I had read that English Goldens have been bred to be more companion dogs than hunting dogs. This is exactly what we were looking for. I have now been blessed with two from Angela and her family. The whole process was a wonderful experience. Angela and I had an hour-long conversation in the initial interview stage and found we shared a lot of common ground. She selected the perfect puppy for my son. As it happened, I became more attached to her, she was the picture of unconditional love. These heavenly creatures are smart, affectionate, unique, trainable, well socialized, and...in a word: perfect! Angela was there for us at every step along the way. She answered questions, gave advice, and addressed anything that we could come up with. Angela truly has the breed's best interest in mind. All of her animals are certified for heart, eyes, hips and elbows. She is uncompromising when ensuring that the blood lines remain viable and diverse. Any one who receives a puppy from Perfect Peace Goldens will find just what you are looking for: Perfect Peace. I can no longer imagine life without one of these beautiful animals at my side.

Sincerely, - Roger K. (Nebraska)
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"My wife and I had never reserved a puppy from a breeder before the litter was even born before. Let alone adopt a puppy sight unseen before. That being said working with Angela at Perfect Peace Goldens was a great experience for us. We had raised several Golden retrievers before so we knew that this is a great dog breed. The English Golden Retriever breed was giving us what we were looking for in a dog, a more square shaped head and a little beefier dog than the traditional Golden. But yet still the great temperament of a Golden Retriever.

Angela guided us through the entire adoption process in a professional manner. After speaking with her you can see the true love and devotion she has for her dogs. We asked many questions and she was always there to give answers. Once the puppies were born she sent out weekly updates on the puppies along with adorable pictures. We did not know which one we would get until after the puppies got older and Angela had time to evaluate each one. We let Angela know what kind of dog we were looking for and the environment that it would be in. In our case we take our dogs to work with us so he had to be a calm and well mannered. Angela did a great job in picking out the puppy that was best suited for us. From day one Finn has been a great dog. He was one of the easiest puppies to raise. We had another 12 year Golden, Samantha, when we got Finn. She did a great job at showing Finn the ropes and what was expected of him. Still, Finn has his own personality that still makes us laugh on a daily basis with his silliness. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. We get so many compliments on Finn everywhere we go. Everyone ask where we got him and we tell everyone to check out Perfect Peace Golden Retrievers. We were extremely happy working with such a professional breeder that has a great understanding of the breeding process and what it takes to make great dogs."

- Chuck & Julie Bishop, who own "Finn" (Urbandale, Iowa)
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