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Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs
Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste
Triplepet EZDog Toothpaste
Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Puppy Dental Kit

The Importance Of Dental Care For Dogs

Dental hygiene is an essential aspect of pet care that is often overlooked. Periodontal disease is a common chronic infection in both dogs and humans.

The bacteria and plaque on your dog’s teeth cause periodontal disease. Left untreated, it can damage your dog’s teeth and cause other health problems. Good oral hygiene is a good thing because it can keep you from getting dental disease.

How To Choose Toothpaste For Dogs?

When you are looking for dog toothpaste, there are a lot of different options to choose from. How can you know which one is the best? Here are some things to consider:


You want good toothpaste for your dog when you’re looking for one. When you look at something, it can be hard to tell what’s in it. So it’s always best to go with products other pet owners have already tried.

Dog toothpaste is made differently than human toothpaste. Dog toothpaste has no foaming agents because it might scare the dog. Dog toothpaste usually has enzymes with antibacterial properties.


When you buy something for your dog to eat, it’s essential to ensure it is safe. It is especially true for products that help your dog’s teeth. Anything you put on their teeth needs to be safe to swallow too. After all, the dog won’t be able to spit out the water they rinse their mouth with. So make sure that any safe toothpaste for dogs is also safe to swallow. It includes both natural toothpaste and regular formulas. Just make sure that there are no toxic ingredients inside.


The flavor of toothpaste is an important factor when it comes to dogs. Most dogs won’t like having their teeth brushed, but if the toothpaste has a good flavor, They will probably let you do it more often. Many companies make dental products for dogs with tastes like chicken or pork. However, if you want your dog’s breath to smell better, toothpaste with more excellent flavors like vanilla is also available. But not every dog will like that taste.

Top 8 Best Dog Toothpaste

This toothpaste from Sentry is one of the dogs’ most popular dental products. The popularity of this product must mean that it is high quality.

Toothpaste for dogs comes in different types. Some toothpaste use foam to clean the dog’s teeth, while others use an enzymatic formula. Enzymatic dog toothpaste is very effective against plaque and tartar build-up. If you use Petrodex toothpaste on your dog’s teeth 2-3 times per week, their teeth will be protected from plaque and tartar. It’s safe for dogs to eat, making the process go much more smoothly. Also, this toothpaste will likely taste good to the dogs (it tastes like chicken). If you’ve never brushed your dog’s teeth before, the tasty taste can help them get used to it. Some pet owners might be disappointed that their dog’s mouth won’t smell like mint after brushing, but that’s not what doggie toothpaste is meant to do.


  • Non-foaming formula
  • Safe to swallow
  • It helps reduce plaque and tartar formation
  • Enticing poultry flavor


  • The paste is a little on the thin side.

Virbac is a well-known company for providing dental health products for pets. The company was founded in France in 1968 but has quickly gone international and become one of the leading providers of veterinary pharmaceuticals. The CET Enzymatic Toothpaste is one of their most popular products. It is a high-quality toothpaste for dogs that works.

The toothpaste is based on the same enzymatic formula that other companies use. The toothpaste enzymes help clean your dog’s teeth without creating foam. Dogs seem to like it, and many people have testified that it works well. The toothpaste is also safe to swallow, and you can use it daily. It will work best if you use it with a doggie toothbrush or finger brush.

One thing that makes this toothpaste different is that it has soft abrasives in it. It can clean plaque and stains from a dog’s teeth more effectively than other toothpaste brands.


  • Poultry flavor
  • Very effective
  • Reduces plaque
  • It contains abrasive elements for more effective cleaning


  • It could be too intense for dogs with teeth that are easily hurt.

Many dogs have bad breath. It is because they eat raw or home-cooked food. While this is not a problem for the dog, it cannot be very pleasant for the owner. However, with EZDog toothpaste, this problem becomes easy to fix, and your dog gets healthier teeth as a bonus!

This toothpaste does not foam like some others. You do not have to rinse it off. It has a natural vanilla flavor that dogs like too. This toothpaste is sweet-tasting but sugar-free. The sweet taste comes from Stevia, one of the healthiest sweeteners available.

The EZDog toothpaste is also great for keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Plaque and tartar don’t form because of the formula. Tea tree oil, which keeps the gums healthy, has also been added to Triplepet. This toothpaste is a lot less expensive than some others.


  • Sugar-free
  • Natural vanilla flavor for fresh breath
  • No rinsing required
  • It prevents plaque and tartar accumulation
  • Good value for money


  • Not all dogs like the vanilla flavor
  • Contains natural sweeteners

This dental hygiene kit from Nylabone includes toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a finger brush. It is everything you need to start taking care of your puppy’s teeth.

This kit comes with a toothbrush that is made just for puppies. The brush is smaller than most dog toothbrushes and has soft nylon bristles that are gentle on your dog’s teeth. The neck of the brush is also bent, which makes it easier to clean your puppy’s teeth well.

If you’ve never brushed your dog’s teeth before, you may not know how to do it. A finger brush might look funny, but it’s easy to use.

Plaque and bacteria are hard to get rid of with this pet toothpaste. It tastes like peanuts, which most dogs love. There are also “Adult” and “Senior” versions of the kit, where the shape of the toothbrush is made to fit your dog’s age.


  • Natural peanut butter flavor
  • Includes a toothbrush and a finger brush
  • Designed specifically for puppies


  • Not all dogs like the flavor

The TropiClean Fresh Breath Gel is the mintiest dental care product for dogs. It is different than other toothpaste because it doesn’t have enzymes. Instead, it has a mix of natural ingredients that should help prevent plaque and tartar build-up.

This oral gel is easy to use. You only need to put two drops of it in your dog’s mouth, which will spread throughout their mouth as they start licking. The gel doesn’t require brushing, but the manufacturer says it might be more effective if you brush your dog’s teeth.

Spearmint and green tea leaf extracts are in this product to help naturally freshen the breath. It sounds good, but two things could go wrong with it. First, this gel has a minty taste that not all dogs will like. It might be OK for dogs who are used to cleaning their teeth, but it is not recommended for other dogs. Second, green tea extract might be a little bit dangerous for dogs. However, many pet owners have used this gel without complaints, so there will likely be no issues.


  • Natural ingredients
  • It helps remove and prevent plaque and tartar
  • No added sugar or sweeteners
  • Freshens the breath


  • Green tea, which is in this gel, can be dangerous for some dogs.
  • Not all dogs like the way mint tastes.

If you are looking for a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean your dog’s teeth, this kit from Vet’s Best is a good choice. The kit comes with a pack of natural breath-freshening toothpaste and a new toothbrush that makes cleaning the dog’s teeth easy and thorough.

Vet’s Best’s toothpaste includes an enzymatic formula that fights bacteria plaque. It also has peppermint oil, clove leaf oil, and baking soda to freshen breath and soothe gums.

This set comes with a toothbrush that has three heads. Bristles are on three sides, making a “U” shape. It will help brush your dog’s teeth thoroughly without you having to do too much gymnastics.


  • Triple-headed toothbrush for easier cleaning
  • Quality toothpaste with natural ingredients
  • Freshens the breath


  • Dogs can’t stand the smell of mint.
  • Not for dogs younger than eight weeks.

Some dogs don’t like brushing their teeth. They might get used to the taste of the toothpaste, but they might be scared when you try to brush their teeth with a toothbrush. In this situation, finger pads like those from Vet’s Best can be beneficial.

These disposable pads cover your finger and help you scrub the dog’s teeth. It can be more friendly for the dog and make cleaning its teeth easier. You can use your sense of touch to clean all of the hidden areas easily.


  • Great for dogs who hate toothbrushes
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Gentle on the dog’s teeth
  • Freshens the breath


  • Not as effective as brushing

The Best Toothpaste For Dogs

Grooming your dog is critical to his health. Brushing his coat, bathing him, and scrubbing his teeth are all part of it. That includes brushing his coat, cleaning him, and scrubbing his teeth. Brushing your dog’s teeth can help prevent dental problems as he gets older. To do this, you need toothpaste. But what kind of toothpaste is the best for your pup?

If you are looking for a toothpaste for your dog, it is essential to find one that is effective at cleaning teeth and has a flavor that the dog will love. After all, if the dog enjoys the taste of the toothpaste, it will be more likely to participate and even enjoy having teeth brushed. We’ve compiled a collection of reviews on the best dog toothpaste options to help you make a selection.

5 Best Dog Toothpaste

Getting your dog used to brushing their teeth from a young age is very important. It will help to keep the adult teeth healthy and strong. The Arm & Hammer Fresh Spectrum Toothpaste is ideal for puppies and smaller dog breeds because it is extra gentle. It means that it won’t be too rough on the tiny teeth of a puppy or small dog breed. This toothpaste is also suitable for dogs with sensitive gums.

This toothpaste formula contains baking soda to freshen your dog’s breath, break down plaque and tartar, and whiten your dog’s teeth over time. Coconut oil is also in this toothpaste, giving it a coconut-like flavor. Even if the taste does not immediately appeal to canines, use it from puppyhood. It can teach your dog to prefer the flavor as he becomes more comfortable brushing his teeth.

This toothpaste is more expensive than others, but it is gentle enough to use on puppies. You only need a small amount of this toothpaste to clean a puppy’s entire mouth.


  • Whitening teeth with a gentle formula
  • Ideal for little dogs with sensitive gums.


  • Pricey
  • Large dogs may not benefit from it.

Vetoquinol Enzymatic Toothpaste is a potent toothpaste used on adult dogs and cats. A triple-enzyme mixture cleans and polishes your dog’s teeth while breaking down and eliminating plaque. Additionally, it helps to remove plaque from your pet’s gums, which is a difficult place to maintain clean. It also works well, with physician supervision, to help treat dogs or cats who already have some dental difficulties.

This toothpaste is poultry-flavored, making it more appealing to your dog. However, it doesn’t specifically say that it freshens your dog’s breath on the packaging, so you may not know if it is effective for this purpose. Due to the stronger enzyme mix in this toothpaste, it is a little more expensive than other dog toothpaste.


  • Poultry flavor
  • Powerful enzyme formula
  • Can clean underneath the gums


  • Pricey
  • It may or may not freshen the breath

This Arm & Hammer toothpaste is designed for medium and large adult dogs. It has the same baking soda as the Arm & Hammer puppy toothpaste. Still, it also contains enzymes that help to prevent plaque and tartar buildup.

This toothpaste is inexpensive and comes from a reputed company that produces high-quality products. However, the flavor may be too strong for some dogs. The toothpaste should be safe enough for older puppies but may be too harsh for young puppies because of the enzymes.


  • Affordable
  • Freshens breath
  • Whitens teeth


  • Some dogs may not like the flavor
  • Not suitable for younger puppies

The Nutrivet Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste is one of the least expensive items on this list. Veterinarians formulate it with ingredients shown to help clean your dog’s teeth. Additionally, the package explains what each component of the toothpaste is intended to do. That means you don’t have to question whether or not the ingredients are effective.

This toothpaste contains natural enzymes to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup. The chicken-flavored toothpaste may be more appetizing to your dog, but it may not have the best scent for people. This toothpaste is exclusively intended for adult dogs; it is not appropriate for puppies.


  • Affordable
  • Chicken flavor
  • Reduces plaque and tartar


  • Only for adult dogs
  • It may not smell the best

It is the most expensive toothpaste on this list, but it is the only toothpaste with a steak flavor. This flavor is artificial, but it is suitable for dogs who may have allergies to chicken. The toothpaste doesn’t have enzymes, but plaque and tartar are broken down by Calprox, a combination of calcium peroxide and other minerals.

The Veterinary Oral Health Council has authorized this toothpaste (VOHC). It has no sulfates, parabens, or silica. It may not be as effective at breaking down tartar as enzyme formulations. However, it should freshen your dog’s breath better than other toothpaste.


  • Steak flavor
  • Vegan product
  • VOHC-certified


  • Expensive
  • It does not contain enzymes
  • May not freshen breath

Buyer’s Guide: Selecting The Best Dog Toothpaste

Dog Toothpaste Ingredients

The ingredients in dog toothpaste are essential. Dog toothpaste has to have safe ingredients that dogs can swallow. Because human toothpaste contains harmful components, it should not be used on dogs.

When selecting toothpaste for your dog, there are two things to consider. The first is whether you want one that contains enzymes. Enzymes are good at breaking down plaque and tartar, but some enzymatic toothpaste can be too harsh for dogs with sensitive gums or teeth. The other thing to consider is whether you want a toothpaste that doesn’t contain enzymes. A toothpaste without enzymes may not be as effective at breaking down tartar or plaque.

Enzymes help to break down tartar, which in turn freshens a dog’s breath. However, you can use toothpaste with baking soda to prevent bad breath. Suppose your dog has sensitive or irritated gums. In that case, you might consider using aloe toothpaste to help soothe the gums.

Dog Toothpaste Flavor

Next, you’ll want to think about the toothpaste’s flavor. Dogs are more likely to let you brush their teeth if they like the taste, but you’ll also need to think about any allergies your dog may have.

The majority of canine toothpaste has the flavor of poultry or peanut butter. However, other flavors are derived from various fruits. Chicken or peanut butter flavoring in dog toothpaste is typically well received. Still, if your dog is allergic to either of those, you will have to find a flavor that your dog enjoys and is safe for him.

Dog Dental Conditions

Suppose your dog has any dental disease or condition, including gingivitis, periodontal disease, or even inflamed or sensitive gums and teeth. Before selecting toothpaste, you may wish to visit your veterinarian. Your veterinarian may be able to recommend a toothpaste based on your dog’s needs. Some toothpaste is better for dogs with dental problems than others.

As your dog ages, he is more likely to have dental problems. It can include losing some of his teeth. If this occurs, you should consult your veterinarian for toothpaste recommendations. Even if your dog is young and healthy, it’s a good idea to see your veterinarian about the best toothpaste.

Tips For Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

If you brush your dog’s teeth from when he is a puppy, he will get used to it. But if you have an older dog who has never had his teeth brushed, he may not want them brushed. Here are some tips for brushing your dog’s teeth regardless of age.

  • Please do not force your dog to have his teeth brushed. He needs time to get used to toothpaste’s feelings and taste.
  • If you want your dog to brush his teeth, put a little toothpaste on your finger and let him lick it off. If he likes the taste, he will be likelier to do it again.
  • If your dog licks the toothpaste off your finger a few times, next time, run your finger around his front gums and teeth. If he allows you to do so, give him a treat.
  • Lifting his lip will allow you to run your finger around his front teeth and gums after your dog is comfortable with you putting your finger in his mouth. Then make your way to his mouth’s back. Make sure to compliment him and give him a treat.
  • Once your dog has learned this, put toothpaste on a doggy toothbrush and let him lick it off. Reward him for doing so. It will get him comfortable with the toothbrush.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 using a toothbrush. Each time, place the toothbrush further back in your dog’s mouth. Even if your dog first allows you to brush a few of his teeth, reward him.
  • If your dog is hesitant, return to a step that he is familiar with and give it another go. Once he masters the step, move on.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. It will help keep his teeth and gums healthy and reduce bad breath and the risk of dental disease.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Toothpaste for Dogs

What Can I Brush My Dog’s Teeth With Instead of Toothpaste?

Mix baking soda with chicken, beef stock, or broth to make a paste. It will clean your dog’s teeth but is not as effective as commercial toothpaste. Commercial toothpaste usually has enzymes to fight plaque and fluoride to combat bacteria.

What Can I Brush My Dogs Teeth With at Home?

You will need toothpaste specifically for dogs. Human toothpaste has xylitol which is poisonous to dogs. Many different toothpaste flavors for dogs, like peanut butter and chicken. This way, you can choose a taste your dog likes.

Is Coconut Oil Good To Clean Dogs Teeth?

Coconut oil can be used as toothpaste for dogs. It will help keep their teeth white. Brushing your dog’s teeth is simple. You can use a baby’s toothbrush or your finger to brush in a circular motion.

How Can I Get Plaque off My Dog’s Teeth?

Brushing your dog’s teeth daily using a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste is the best approach to remove plaque. If you brush their teeth now and then, it won’t get all the plaque off. But if you brush their teeth regularly, it will help keep their teeth and mouths healthy.

What Toothpaste Does Not Have Xylitol?

If you are concerned about sugar alcohols, the spearmint flavor of Earthpaste does not include xylitol. Tooth Soap also has products without sugar alcohols. Some natural toothpaste use essential oils instead of artificial or natural flavors. Essential oils sometimes have added benefits for mouth health.

What Toothpaste Is OK for Dogs?

The Veterinary Oral Health Council has approved Petsmile Professional Dog Toothpaste. The toothpaste contains an ingredient called Calprox, which is proven to safely prevent plaque, fight bacteria, and improve bad breath. This dog toothpaste should be used twice a week and does not require a toothbrush.

How Often Should You Brush Dogs Teeth?

Ideally, it would help if you brushed your dog’s teeth at least twice a day. For many dogs, if brushing becomes a regular part of their day-to-day routine, they will start to look forward to it. The least quantity necessary to aid in removing plaque and avoiding tartar accumulation is three times per week of brushing.

Can Coconut Oil Clean Dogs Teeth?

Coconut oil can be used as toothpaste to keep dogs’ teeth white. It is simple to do. Put the coconut oil on a baby’s toothbrush or your finger and brush in a circular motion.

Can I Use a Human Toothbrush on My Dog?

To clean your dog’s teeth, you’ll need a toothbrush. You can get a specific canine toothbrush from a pet store or use a human toothbrush with soft bristles.

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