The Best Tug Toys for Dogs

Dogs are great companions, but they can be rough on furniture. Some dogs, like Huskies and Labs, like to chew on curtains, sofas, and dad’s slippers.

To keep your dog from making a mess and to give them something to play with, you can buy them a toy that they can tug on. This is better than letting them chew on things they shouldn’t. Not all dog toys are good for this, though. Make sure you get one of the best ones by reading this guide.

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Goughnuts – Tug Interactive Large Dog Toy

KONG Wubba Dog Toy

West Paw Zogoflex Dog Tug Toy

Nerf Dog 10″ Tire Infinity Dog Toy

Dog Tug of War Toys

Different dogs were made for different types of toys. Some dogs, like Huskies, are very powerful chewers and can easily tear through low-quality toys. That’s why it’s important to see which toys are durable enough for your dog. If your dog is a super-duper chewer, then you’ll need a toy that can withstand their power. Otherwise, they might end up choking on it or getting injured by it.

When we spend our money on a toy for our dog, we expect it to last for a long time. We don’t want the toy to be destroyed within 10 minutes.

How to Find the Best Dog Tug Toys

Here’s what you need to look out for to find the best dog tug toys.


The best and most durable tug toys for dogs are made of sturdy materials, such as hard rubber. That plushie isn’t going to last long if your dog is a chewer.

Choose a tug toy that’s not too hard, however be cautious because it might cause your dog’s teeth to shatter. Choose toys made of materials that will survive if your husky begins to tug on them. Avoid plush toys since they won’t last long and the stuffing could be harmful if chewed by your dog.

If you don’t like squeaker toys, don’t worry. They can be a choking hazard for dogs. A good alternative is tough rubber toys. Dogs can also chew on rope toys. Rope toys are tough and they can also clean your dog’s teeth. If your dog swallows some of the rope, it will go through their digestive system and they won’t get hurt.


There are many different types of dog tug toys. Here is a summary of each type.

Handheld Tug Toys:

This toy is made for you and your dog to play tug-of-war. It is one of the most common types of toys used for this game. They are affordable and come in many different styles. Playing with your dog is a great way to bond with them.

Tether Tug Toys:

This tug toy is perfect for backyard playtime. Your dog can play by himself and have a lot of fun. This is a good way to relieve boredom. The downside is that they can be more expensive, but there are many different options to choose from.


When looking for a good dog toy to play tug-of-war with, make sure you have enough space available. Tug of war is a great game for bonding with your dog, but it can also be very physical and needs plenty of room. Make sure the toy is big enough so you can keep your hand far away from your dog’s mouth while playing. Always be aware of what your dog is doing and keep your hand out of harm’s way.

Toy Design

If you have a large dog, avoid tug toys with holes that can hook your fingers. This can easily lead to injury during playtime. Your large dog may be pulling on the toy excitedly. You wrap it around your hand to gain more leverage, and your dog, not knowing its own strength, pulls a bit too hard and hurts you. Look for a tug toy that can be grabbed with your fist and can be dropped in a hurry.

Can a Tug Toy Ever Be ‘Indestructible’?

Don’t be fooled by the labels. Many companies claim their tug toys are ‘indestructible’, but this is not true. Just like the Titanic wasn’t the ship that couldn’t sink, these dog tug toys will not last forever. Some are certainly tougher than others, but all will eventually wear out one day. Our job is to help you find the dog tug of war toys that last for months rather than minutes. Usually, the best and toughest toys are more expensive – think of them as a long-term investment.

The Benefits of Dog Tug Toys

It is worth it to spend time finding the right tug toy for your dog. They will be able to release their energy by playing with the toy. The more they chew on the toy, the less time they will spend destroying your house.

Large breeds of dogs, such as Huskies, Labs and Golden Retrievers, need plenty of exercise every day to stay healthy and happy. Playing with a tug toy is a good way to give them some exercise, in addition to your walks and training. Plus, they’ll have fun!

Dogs are sociable creatures, so playing tug of war with your dog and their new toy will help to strengthen your relationship. Playing tug of war with a toy is a bonding experience that both owner and pup will cherish forever.

Best Tug Toys For Dogs: Reviews

1.Goughnuts – Tug Interactive Large Dog Toy

This is a tug toy that you should not mess with. It is very strong and can’t be destroyed easily. It is made for bigger dogs who like to chew on their toys a lot.

This toy is 11 inches long. It has two rings – one for your hand and one for your dog’s mouth. Playing tug of war with this toy is safe and fun.

The toy is made of hard rubber, so your dog will have a hard time tearing it apart.

Although the toy is a bit more expensive than some of the others on this list, it is worth the investment because it will last a long time.


  • Ultra-tough and durable
  • Engages both the owner and dog for optimal interaction and bonding
  • Also suitable for two dogs to play tug of war with
  • Suitable for power chewers, pullers, and large breeds
  • There is some flex in the rubber to allow your dog a nice chew


  • An initial rubber smell on first unpacking
  • It’s heavy – 1.6 lbs – and could hurt you if you drop it on your toes!

2.KONG Wubba Dog Toy

KONG is a very popular company that makes dog toys. One of their bestsellers is the Wubba. It is not made of hard rubber or rope, but it is a lot of fun to tug with. Keep in mind that this toy is for tugging and not for chewing. It might not be good for powerful chewers, but other dogs will love it.

This toy is designed around two balls. One is a tennis ball and the other is a squeaker ball that are encased in a nylon fabric. The toy comes in different sizes and colors.


  • Surprisingly durable as long as you don’t let your pup chew through the nylon casing
  • Engaging and fun for mild to moderate chewers
  • Has a soft mouth feel for a nice, satisfying chew
  • Floats in the water
  • Brightly colored so easy to spot when you’re out and about


  • Always supervise your dog during play to ensure that they don’t chew through it
  • Not suitable for power chewers

3.West Paw Zogoflex Dog Tug Toy

The West Paw Zogoflex dog tug toy is a lightweight chew toy that can be used for fetching, playing, and pet exercise. This dog tug toy can stretch to twice its length and is ideal for gentle chewers. It has a unique S-shaped design, making it great for a game of tug of war with your dog. The light weight also makes it easy to throw in the air and play catch with your pup.

The West Paw dog toy is dishwasher safe, which makes it very easy to clean. You can just put it in the dishwasher’s top rack and it will be clean for the next time you want to play with your dog.


  • Made with love and recycled dog toys
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers

4.Nerf Dog 10″ Tire Infinity Dog Toy

The Nerf Tire Infinity Dog Toy is made from strong materials that make it tough. It also has a special shape that makes it easy for your dog to pick up and tug. The outside has tire track texture, which makes it easy for you to grip. It is lightweight, durable, and weather and water-resistant so it will last a long time. This toy is suitable for medium to large dog breeds and was designed with your pet’s safety in mind.


  • Designed for interactive play
  • Designed and optimized for endless hours of play
  • Durable construction that stands up to extended chewing
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor play
  • Easy to clean


  • Not a good choice for more aggressive chewers
  • Ridges may be uncomfortable for some dogs

5.Lepawit Dog Toys, 2 Pack Cotton Dog Rope Toys

This Lepawit dog toy comes in a pack of two. One is a cotton rope toy that is designed for small to large dogs. It encourages interactivity and bonding time, so the pet parent can join in on the fun. The other rope in this package is stretchy, while the other is not.

These tug toys are great for both playtime and cleaning your dog’s teeth. The rope and silicone balls help clean away dental plaque and buildup, which helps prevent decay. The large dog rope toy is made with cotton fiber materials and is high-quality and non-toxic, making it perfectly safe for your pooch.


  • Long-lasting fun with the ball made from a silica gel material
  • Promotes dental health
  • Since it is stretchable, it is easier on the dog owner’s arm joints and back
  • Design makes it easier for dog owner to control during playtime


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers
  • Rope toys don’t last as long as rubber tug toy options

6.Jolly Pets Jolly Tug Toy

The Jolly Pets Jolly Tug Toy is a really big tug toy that is 14 and ½ inches long. It is good for bigger dogs who weigh more than 60 pounds. The toy has a patented squeaking assembly that will make noise when you tug on it from both ends.

This tug toy is great for both dog and owner bonding. It is also a great toy for two dogs to play with and interact with each other at the same time. It is made with 100% non-toxic materials and comes in bright colors that your dog will love. Additionally, the ropes built into the handles make it more durable, while the buoyancy of the toy ensures that it won’t get lost if your dog loves playing in water.


  • Available in three different size options
  • Floats and is brightly colored
  • Designed for interactive and collaborative play
  • Durable and made to last
  • More than affordable price point


  • Material may tear due to aggressive chewing, but the ropes and rubber ball inside typically stay intact
  • Take a strong pull on both ends to get it to squeak

7.Tonka Tread Chew Tug Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

This Tonka Tread chew tug toy is a great option for your more aggressive chewers. It is also suitable for all breed sizes, although it may be on the larger side and not suitable for small dogs. It is made with tough materials and is a highly visible bright yellow color. No matter how far you toss it during a game of fetch, your dog will always be able to find it.

This dog tug toy is good for medium to large breed dogs. It is tough and can survive a lot of chewing. It is also good for training dogs. Some have been known to chew away some of the rubber, but the toy usually stays together.


  • Made to be durable and long-lasting
  • Can withstand excessive and aggressive chewing
  • Comfortable for dog owner to hold and play without hurting their hand
  • Lightweight and weather-resistant


  • Better suited for larger dogs due to its size

The Best Tug Toys for Dogs On The Market

There’s nothing better than seeing our loved ones happy. It includes our pets! But what if we don’t have the energy to play with them?

The answer is simple: Use a dog tug toy! Dog tug toys are fantastic for letting them get rid of some extra energy at the end of the day. Whether you want your dog to think you’re as excited about playing as they are or want to hear that cute noise they make.

In these reviews, we’ll show you our favorite interactive tug-of-war toys on the market!

1. KONG KG1 Tug Toy

Kong is a company that makes toys and accessories for dogs. They make a toy called the Kong, a rubber ball in which you can put peanut butter to make your dog happy.

It is a great product. It has a handle for you to hold on to and a section for your dog to pull on. The middle part is strong, so it will not break easily. It is another trademark of the Kong brand. This rubber can withstand a lot of force, even from the most motivated dogs.

This interactive tug of war toy comes in three different sizes, depending on how much heft you need for your game of tug. It also makes for a decent throw toy, as the rubber construction will have it bouncing every which way, giving your dog a good game of catch!

This dog tug toy is suitable for some dogs, but not all. Some breeds of dogs can destroy any toy, no matter how strong. People with these types of pups seem to have an issue with this toy. While we don’t entirely blame them, we understand that they may be more upset that there isn’t a strong enough toy in the world for their precious pup.


  • Suitable for tug and catch
  • Durable rubber construction
  • Comfy handle for human and dog


  • Not durable for mighty pups

2. Mammoth 3-Knot Rope Tug Toy

It is one of the best dog tug toys because it is made of rope. The rope has a knot, making your pup more interested in playing with it. It is also brightly colored, which will excite your puppy even more. Plus, it is very strong and can be used by any dog breed.

This toy is 20 inches long, which is a good length for you to hold it. The toy can also help keep your puppy’s teeth clean as they play with it. If every toy had that effect, we would never stop playing with our dogs!

This toy is durable and can withstand a lot of chewing. It is also a good value because it will last a long time. So, if you are looking for a good tug toy for your dog, this is the one to get.


  • Classic toy
  • Very durable
  • Incredible value
  • Will quickly become your pet’s favorite toy


  • You might think your dog likes this toy more than they want you.

3. Redline K9 Dog Bite Tug Toy

One of the patterns we have seen is not very frequent. It’s not very often that you come across toys like this in people’s homes. The reason for this is that it is a two-handed tug toy. The part your pup bites down on is in the middle while you hold two handles around it. That means you have to take a more active role in playtime.

This toy seems suitable for smaller dogs and more of a comfort toy for bigger dogs. The durability of this toy is not very good, though, so it might be best only to use it as a show toy for your pup.


  • Used for police training
  • Good for small dogs


  • Takes away laziness
  • Durability concerns

4. SodaPup Pull Tab Tug Toy

The company’s name references the fact that it is a huge tab for a drink. However, it is not intended to be used for opening cans of soda. It’s perfect for cracking open your favorite pup! One end of this is thicker than the other, and it is recommended that small dogs use the thinner side while larger dogs use the thicker side. It is similar to our product from Goughnuts, though nowhere near as vital.

This toy is made of rubber and is safe for dogs. It is non-toxic and compliant with FDA regulations. If it survives your dog, it will decompose naturally. But SodaPup knows that no dog toy lasts that long, so they suggest you regularly check the toy’s condition and replace it if it shows signs of cracking.

This toy is dishwasher safe and made of a material called Puppyprene rubber. It is manufactured in the United States. This toy is not as durable as some of the others, unfortunately. It is very stretchy but also easy to lose grip of. People have reported losing their grip and this toy sling shooting back and hitting their doggo on the nose!


  • Soda tab shape
  • Small side and large side
  • Machine washable


  • Not durable
  • Can bonk your pup!

Different Types of Tug Toy: Which Is Best for Your Dog?

There are many different types of tug toys. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can use any toy for playtime, but it will be more fun if you use one that is suited to your needs. We will discuss four of the most common designs below.

Rope Toys

Rope-style tugs are the most popular toy for tug-of-war games with your floor. They are easy to see why:

Most feature a knot at each end, making them easy for dogs and humans to grip.

Rope toys are lightweight, soft, and strong, so they’re safe for playtime.

They’re inexpensive, which makes them gentle on your bank account.

Rope toys usually last a long time, but some dogs will chew them up if given a chance.


Bumpers are a type of training tool that many owners and trainers use for retrievers. They are usually made of canvas or jute, filled with sand or some other kind of fiber, and can be pretty durable. Some neat features of bumpers include:

Bumpers are made from different materials so that you can select one best suited for your pup.

Bumpers typically come with an attached handle (and some have two), which makes it easy to keep a grip on the toy while playing.

Most bumpers are very durable, and they’ll hold up well to the teeth of many dogs.

Some dogs have trouble gripping bumpers, but others love how it feels to bite down on these toys. Bumpers are suitable for playing fetch games, and many plastic models float, making them great for playing at the pool or beach.


Some tug toys are made in ring form. They are just hollow rings of plastic or rubber. Your dog will grab one side, and you will grab the other. You can both start pulling!

Some of the most notable features of ring toys include:

Ring-style tug toys are great for playing in confined spaces, as they’ll keep you and your pup closer together than longer ropes or canvas toys.

Ring-style toys work well for fetch games when you’re pup tires of tugging.

Ring-style toys are usually made from plastic or rubber, but fabric or rope options are also available.

Rings are pretty neat but can get gross and slippery if your dog drools on them. That’s just part of the pet parenthood experience! Additionally, it is essential to choose one of the correct sizes – you don’t want your dog to get the ring stuck around her muzzle.

Handled Toys

Some manufacturers make tug toys into fun shapes that don’t fit neatly into one of the other categories.

There are all sorts of toys that can be used as stress balls. They can be made of hard plastic, soft rubber, or fabric. The only thing they all have in common is the presence of a handle, which will allow you to get a good grip.

Handled toys are usually the most accessible toy for a dog to grip. It is essential for dogs with big, strong jaws.

There are many different types of materials and designs that you can choose from to give your dog the best toy for it.

Many handled toys are made from durable materials that match your dog’s chewing and tugging.

Benefits of Playing Tug

Playing tug-of-war with your dog has a lot of benefits. For shy or uncertain dogs, it can help build their confidence. It is also a great way to burn off energy for active dogs. Playing tug-of-war can benefit your dog in many ways.

It’s a Fantastic Dog Training Tool.

A tug toy is more than simply a toy. It can be used to teach your dog how to control themselves, how not to bite people, and commands like “drop it.” Training can be more fun when you use games.

Dogs’ teeth are made for chewing, so they need an appropriate chew toy that won’t damage your furniture or skin. A tug toy can be a great tool to refocus a “mouthy” dog or puppy’s behavior.

Tug Builds Confidence

Once they get the hang of it, shy or anxious dogs love to tug. Bringing out the rope toy in an otherwise stressful environment can help distract your pup from what’s making them nervous. Sometimes dogs are too stressed to eat the treat you’re offering. Try a dog toy to get their attention instead. Playing tug is a great way to drain nervous energy as your dog grows more sure of itself.

It Strengthens Bonds

Playing tug-of-war (or any game) with your dog helps you to build a stronger bond with them. Playing games with your dog helps create trust, which is essential because dogs like spending time with their owners.

The Rules of Tug

Dogs can have a lot of fun playing tug of war. This game is an excellent way for your pup to get some exercise, but it’s essential to know the rules and to have self-control. Once your adult dog knows the rules, he can enjoy all the benefits of playing tug-of-war games.

1. You’re in Charge

You are in Charge of the game. The game starts when you say it starts, and it’s over when you say it’s over. Your dog needs to know this. If your dog lunges for the toy, don’t give it to it yet. Please wait until it sits or lies down, provides the toy, and praises it.

If your dog attempts to steal the toy before you permit him, the toy will be taken away. Try again until it understands it needs to wait for your permission before taking the toy.

2. Tug Stops When You Say So

Playing tug with your dog is an excellent opportunity to practice self-control. Every once in a while, tell your dog to “give” or “drop it.” After he drops it, please give him a treat and start playing again. This way, your dog learns that giving up the toy doesn’t mean the fun stops. He gets pleasure for doing what you asked!

3. Teeth Stay on One end

If your dog starts to bite you while playing with a toy, stop playing and put the toy away for a little while. Please wait until it is calm before giving the toy back to it. If it starts to bite you again, stop playing until it is calm before continuing. It will slowly learn that the game keeps going if it doesn’t bite you.

You will need a long tug toy to ensure your dog is far from your hand. The Invincibles snake squeaky toy is a favorite for dogs who love to tug.

4. Tug Side-to-Side

Only tug your dog in a side-to-side motion. Tugging your dog’s head up and down can cause a spine injury.

Tug Toy Safety Advice

Even tough dog toys can’t last forever. It means you need to keep an eye on your pet when they are playing with it. If a part breaks off and your dog swallows it, it could be a choking hazard or cause an internal blockage. If this happens, take the toy away from your dog right away.

Ensure you have enough room before playing tug of war with your dog. Depending on how big and strong your dog is, you should adjust how hard you pull so you don’t damage their teeth. You should also make sure the toy isn’t too hard or sharp. Monitor your dog’s behavior during the game to ensure they behave appropriately.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about the best dog tug toy, remember to buy a toy that is appropriate for your dog’s size and chewing power. The most durable and best toys are usually some of the most expensive ones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Tug Toys for Dogs

Is Tug of War OK for Dogs?

This is a fun game for your pet. Dogs love playing tug of war because it lets them express their predatory instinct. Playing tug of war is a great way to give your dog physical and mental exercise. It also strengthens the human-dog bond.

Why You Shouldn’t Play Tug With Your Dog?

Tug-of-war can be dangerous for puppies because their teeth and jaws are still growing. If they tug too hard, it can cause problems with their jaw or bite. If your dog has arthritis or is prone to disc problems, you should avoid playing tug-of-war.

Do Tug Toys Make Dogs Aggressive?

Playing tug of war with your dog might make some behaviors worse, but it can also make some behaviors better. You need to set some rules before playing tug of war.

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