The Best Chew Toys for Pitbulls

Almost any dog can chew on things, but puppies usually do it more. If you own a Pit Bull, you know they are especially good at it and can quickly chew through a bone or toy.

You must still buy chew toys for your pit bull, regardless of how quickly or forcefully he destroys them. They protect his teeth and preserve the integrity of your furniture.

Although almost all dogs enjoy chewing, you must be careful when selecting a chew toy for power chewers like pit bulls.

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble finding a decent chew toy for your Pit Bull. We got your back. You may read reviews of the top seven dog chew toys for Pit Bulls in this guide. Following the reviews, we’ll give you a buying guide to assist you in selecting the ideal toy for your dog.

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Kong Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy

Kong Extreme Ball Dog Toy

Goughnuts Maxx Stick Pro 50 Dog Toy

Tough Dog Chew Toy: Benebone Rotisserie Chicken Flavor Wishbone

The Top 7 Pit Bull Chew Toys

1. Kong Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy

Our top pick, the Kong Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy, is perfect for hard chewers and may be used to train your Pit Bull. This toy comes in medium and large sizes and is created in the USA. The fact that you can hide treats for your pitbull in the spaces on either end of this chew toy is its best feature. According to some pet owners who have made this claim, the chew toy may not be as sturdy as it ought to be.


  • Available in medium and large
  • Made in the USA
  • Features spaces for putting treats


  • Not as durable as specified

2. Kong Extreme Ball Dog Toy

This ball is affordable, puncture-resistant, and made in the USA. It bounces well and can endure strong jaws, making it an excellent option for anybody looking for a durable and reasonably priced ball toy for their Pit Bull. Some users did find that the ball was a little too heavy for their liking, but overall, this is an excellent choice.


  • resists forceful jaws well
  • Impervious to punctures
  • The USA made


  • Heavy
  • It is simple to tear because of the central hole.

3. Goughnuts Maxx Stick Pro 50 Dog Toy

This chew toy is designed for large dogs and is perfect for days at the lake or in the pool. It also floats, which makes it an excellent choice for water activities. Plus, it’s been praised as highly durable, so your pet can enjoy playing with it for a long time. One possible downside is that this chew toy has a rubbery smell that some dogs find unappealing, and it’s also been reported that some dogs don’t like the taste.


  • Great for the pool or lake
  • Durable
  • Designed with large dogs in mind


  • Quite Expensive
  • Rubbery smell
  • Dogs didn’t like the flavor

4. Tough Dog Chew Toy: Benebone Rotisserie Chicken Flavor Wishbone

The Benebone Rotisserie Chicken Flavor Wishbone Tough Dog Chew Toy is a great toy for your dog to chew on. It has a rotisserie chicken flavor and is easy for your dog to hold and chew on. Due to the nylon bristles used in its construction, the toy also aids in keeping your dog’s teeth clean. The flavor or feel of the toy didn’t seem to appeal to all dogs, but some did. Unfortunately, some dogs could rip it apart quickly, so keep an eye on your Pit Bull as he chews on this one.


  • Extremely durable
  • Chicken flavored
  • It helps keep teeth clean and is grooved


  • Some canines didn’t enjoy the flavor or texture.
  • Some dogs can easily rip it up.

5. Tough Ball Dog Toy: West Paw Zogoflex Jive

The recycled materials used to create this eco-friendly ball. Its unusual design is ideal for backyard or park play with your dog. Because it can get dirty, the fact that it is dishwasher safe is also a plus. This ball might not be the best choice for dog owners who are elderly or have mobility concerns because it is heavier than anticipated. Additionally, this ball can be easily destroyed if you have an aggressive chewer.


  • fabricated with recycled materials
  • specialized form for bouncing
  • Safe for dishwasher


  • The ball weighs more than some people anticipated.
  • Some dogs can quickly destroy it

6. Ultra-Durable Chew Ring Dog Toy: Monster K9 Dog Toys

This durable ring toy is easy for your Pit Bull to carry around. It is made of industrial-strength rubber, which makes it safe for your pet to chew. Some pet parents have reported that the toy is too easily destroyed, but if you are looking for a durable ring toy, this is one of the best options on our list.


  • Durable ring toy
  • Made with industrial extra strength rubber
  • 100% Non-Toxic materials


  • Is easily destroyed
  • The rubber smell isn’t appealing

7. Nerf Dog Ultra Tough TPR Bone

This toy is ideal for long journeys because it is portable and lightweight. It’s also tough and strong enough for a Pit Bull to enjoy chewing. The toy is seven inches long, making it the perfect size for small to medium-sized pits.


  • It lasts a long time
  • Lightweight, strong, tough toys
  • Perfectly sized at seven inches


  • It doesn’t hold up to heavy chewing.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have finished our reviews of the top seven best chew toys for Pit Bulls, you may have realized that many toys recommended for aggressive chewers don’t always hold up. Even if it is labeled as an indestructible dog toy, your Pit Bull may be able to destroy it. We will provide some advice on how to deal with chew toys and your aggressively chewing Pit Bull in the section after this.

Never Let Them Play With a New Toy Unattended

There is no assurance that a chew toy won’t be destroyed by your Pit Bull, even if it gets rave reviews. Observe him see how he uses the chew toy. If the first time you play with it goes well, the next time he asks for his toy, you can let him be alone to chew all he wants.

Never Let Him Keep a Broken Toy

Removing and discarding any chew toys that are broken or falling apart from your dog is preferable. The toy’s loose pieces could get caught in your pet’s throat and suffocate them. Additionally, they might become stuck in his intestines and make him unwell.

Therefore, throw away the toy immediately if you see any indications that it is getting too old or worn to be comfortable.

Bigger Is Better

You want to get your Pit Bull a chew toy that is as large as he is. Your dog might swallow a smaller toy, which will also not last as long. Larger toys are better because they are more durable.

Always go for High-Quality.

It is usually a good idea not to buy cheap chew toys for your pup. This is because low-quality toys often break easily and can also be full of toxic substances that might make your puppy sick. When searching for chew toys, it is best to go with products made in the USA, if possible.

Keep Dental Health in Mind

On our list, we have chew toys that promote good dental health. But you also must frequently brush your Pit Bull’s teeth and take him to the dentist. Choosing the perfect chew toy for your Pit Bull requires some knowledge of a few specific factors when giving your Pit Bull a new toy, especially a chewable one. Exercise caution; toys wore out or damaged must be disposed of immediately because they could be dangerous.

Best Indestructible Dog Toys For Pit Bulls

Pit bulls can be demanding companions but are loyal and have a lot of energy. This energy can be helpful because they can entertain themselves. But they can also be destructive to furniture and shoes. You have probably bought them a lot of toys, but they have probably shredded them all.

You need a dog chew toy that your pit bull’s powerful jaw will not destroy. The best dog chew toys, made of durable and long-lasting materials, are listed below.

List Of 4 Indestructible Dog Toys

1. Goughnuts Black Maxx Rubber Dog Ring

This black ring is tough. It’s made for dogs that like to chew. The Goughnuts toy series is for extreme chewers. These toys are designed to be very tough and can resist a dog’s chewing. The ring is the perfect shape for your dog to carry around and play with. It also floats, which is excellent for dogs that love swimming.

The Goughnuts Maxx Ring is a tough toy for your Pit Bull. But even though it is strong, your dog will eventually be able to destroy it. The red rubber in the center of the ring will show when it is time to replace the toy.

2. West Paw Design Tux Dog Toy

The Tux is a rubber toy that you can fill with your Pit Bull’s favorite food. It will give your dog a fun and challenging task that will keep her occupied for hours. She will love chewing on the rubber while digging out yummy bits of bacon or frozen peanut butter.

The three-pronged shape of the Tux toy makes it more fun to play with. Its prongs make it easy for your pup to grip and chew or carry around to show off.

This toy is comprised of non-toxic rubber, latex, and palate. It is not as tough as some rubber toys on the market, but it can withstand aggressive chewers like Pit Bulls. Keep a watch on your dog while she is playing if she manages to tear off a small part of the rubber.

3. Nylabone Dura Chew Bone

The Dura Chew is a simple, bone-shaped toy made of nylon. It is extremely tough and doesn’t break as a rubber toy would. It also features grooves and ridges for texture and dental stimulation. The rough surface aids in the removal of plaque from teeth and the maintenance of healthy gums.

The Nylabone Dura Chew is a strong chew toy designed for powerful dogs. It includes flavors like chicken, turkey, duck, and salmon to entice your Pit Bull. A larger size is safer for your Pit Bull, just like rubber toys. nUnlike rubber, nylon splinters are a concern. Keep an eye on your Pit Bull while using anything made of nylon since splinters can become trapped in her mouth or digestive tract and cause serious problems. If you discover that the Dura Chew your dog has started to fall apart or has large pieces breaking off, replace it immediately.

4. Cottonblend Color Rope Tug Mammoth Flossy Chews

Because they are so robust and long-lasting, these rope tugs are ideal for Pit Bulls. The knots can handle the strongest chewer, and the heavy connecting rope won’t wear down during tug-of-war games.

There are a few different sizes to select from, and the bigger ones benefit Pit Bulls. They’re more challenging to break down and include more knots your dog can chew through. Rope toys not only keep your Pit Bull active, but they also help her teeth stay clean by mimicking her flossing habit.

Dogs love playing with rope toys, but these toys are not very strong. They easily tear, which means they are difficult to clean up after. Rope toys also do not last long when chewed on aggressively.

The Problem with Power Chewers

Dogs love to chew on things. It is an instinctual behavior that goes back to when they were wolves. Wolves needed to chew on bones to get their nutritional needs. Even though dogs today can get all of their nutrients from a bag, they still need an outlet for this compulsion.

However, there is a substantial difference between how regular dogs and “power-chewer” dogs chew on toys. These dogs can destroy toys much more quickly than common dogs. They will chew up toys that other dogs would play with for years.

It can cause two problems. The first, less important, is that power-chewing pit bulls and other breeds will go through more toys than normal dogs. It means you will spend more money and get frustrated. But more importantly, these dogs can have severe health problems if they swallow pieces of toys.

If your dog eats things like plastic, it can obstruct its bowel. It is highly hazardous and can be fatal. If the obstruction can be removed, your dog will need a lot of time to recover, and you might lose money.

Dogs need to chew, and if you don’t give them something to chew on, they’ll find something themselves. It could be your shoes or your phone. Both of these can be dangerous, and they’re also more expensive.

So it’s still a good idea to give your dog a chew toy. Ensure the toy is strong enough to withstand your dog’s powerful jaws.

What Makes Pit Bulls Such Power-Chewing Pooches?

More dog breeds than others are inclined to chew on things. But it is important to remember that any breed can do this. For example, some Jack Russell terriers chew through a toy very quickly, just like a pit bull might.

Why are pit bulls considered bad dogs? First of all, let’s get rid of some myths. Pit bulls are vicious or bloodthirsty and don’t have jaws that lock. That’s a suggestion that is not only untrue but logically ridiculous – how would they eat? Wouldn’t their jaws keep locking?

But forgetting the myths and tales, three things make pits powerful chewers.

1. Most pit bulls have relatively large heads.

Although some small dogs can destroy a sturdy toy very quickly, most dogs that are power chewers have large heads. Even relatively small pit bulls in the 40- to 50-pound range often have heads the size of dogs weighing twice this much. These larger heads mean larger teeth, jaws, and muscles, which usually means the toy will be destroyed quickly.

2. Many pit bulls have vast jaws.

The larger proportions of many pit bull heads provide increased jaw power. It is because their relatively wide jaws help to create a mechanical advantage.

Pits have wider jaws than other dogs, allowing them to apply more leverage and torque to their toys. It makes it easier for pits to destroy even the most durable items.

3. Most pit bulls exhibit remarkable tenacity.

The early pit bulls were chosen because of their willingness to do the task, no matter what. This quality is called “gameness.” In the past, pit bulls would fight even if they were hurt. Few things can hurt them, so they would keep fighting until they won or died.

The Best Toy Materials for Your Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are powerful canines that require a toy that can survive a good wrestling battle. Soft or plush dog toys can be easily broken apart, and the pieces pose a health risk. Pit bulls favor playing with their toys above cuddling, so your canine companion would undoubtedly prefer. Hence, bulls tend to play with their toys above cuddling to make them more lasting.

Rubber dog toys come in a wide variety of styles. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are simple, like rubber sticks, while others, like rubber balls that can be filled with treats, are more complex. A tough rubber toy is best if your Pit Bull is enthusiastic about playing with toys.

Toys with a bacon bit or peanut butter smell and taste can be irresistible to your Pit Bull. Adding these elements makes the toy more appealing. R rubber toys do not have a lot of texture, so adding large nubs or solid grooves can make the toy more fun and challenging for your dog to play with.

The rope is a good toy for Pit Bulls to play with. Thick knots are a good toy because they are strong and have a naturally appealing texture. Dogs can get their teeth around it.

Toys made of rope are suitable for your dog’s dental health. They help to remove plaque build-up by rubbing against your dog’s teeth.

The rope is absorbent and softer than other materials, such as rubber. It enables it to absorb different smells. An old rope toy’s blast of odors is enough to delight any Pit Bull during playtime.

Most rope toys are machine washable, making them quick and easy to clean if they start to smell.

Dog dental chews are toys that help keep your dog’s teeth clean. To keep Pit Bulls amused, they require strong, heavy-duty dental chews. Anything that is too little or too soft will be destroyed almost soon.

Choosing appropriate toys is critical for both you and your Pit Bull. Toys keep your dog active and happy, relieve tension, and provide an enjoyable opportunity for you to interact. A dog entertained with interesting toys will be less destructive around the house.

Safety Concerns to Consider

If your dog can chew up a toy quickly, she may swallow large chunks that can cause choking or an intestinal blockage. Pit Bulls require a robust toy that can survive even the most fervent chewer, Choose a safe toy composed of a long-lasting substance, such as rope or rubber.

A toy that is too small can be dangerous for a Pit Bull. Any chew toy should be large enough for your dog not to ingest. Just as you wouldn’t offer a marble to a baby, you wouldn’t give a tiny rubber bouncy ball to a Pit Bull.

Please make sure the toys you give your dog are not small enough to choke him. Even if they are big and not good choices, your dog can still get injured. Look for toys that have smooth edges, like balls, rings, and sticks with rounded ends. That way, your pup will be safe when he plays.

You must ensure that every toy you offer to your dog is safe. It is essential for edible chews. It’s not a good image when your dog is gnawing on a bone, but some bones can be dangerous.

Cooked bones are dangerous for your dog because they can splinter and cut gums. It can be perilous if the bone fragments get lodged in your dog’s windpipe, stomach, or intestines. Always make sure to give your dog chew toys and bones that are safe to play with and will not splinter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chew Toys for Pitbull

At what age do Pitbulls stop chewing?

Puppies chew because it helps them cope with chewing discomfort and satisfies their curiosity about stuff. In a stage similar to that experienced by human newborns, puppies lose their baby teeth and experience pain as their adult teeth erupt. By six months, this increased chewing phase should be over.

Is Rawhide suitable for Pitbulls?

Some dogs will eat large pieces of Rawhide, which can get stuck in their throat, stomach, or intestines. This can be a choking hazard and may require surgery. Other dogs will chew on them for a long time without any problems.

What do pit bulls like to do for fun?

Pit Bulls are very athletic dogs. They love to play sports and have fun. You can take them swimming, play fetch, or run outside.

Are antlers good for Pitbulls?

Although antlers and other hard chews can be fun for dogs, they can also cause broken teeth. Broken teeth are very painful and can lead to abscesses and infections.

What breeds make an American Pit Bull Terrier?

Many pit bull-type dogs are descended from the British Bull and terrier. This dog was developed in the 19th century as a fighting dog. It mixes the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier. Some other breeds of dogs are also sometimes classified as pit bull-type dogs.

Why Do Pit Bulls Destroy Their Toys?

Dogs may instinctively want to destroy their toys. It is because they see the toy as their prey. Another reason a dog might rip apart its toy is if it is boring.

Why Is My Pitbull Destructive?

Destructive behavior in dogs is common. It can be normal behavior (playing/exploring), or it can be caused by anxiety. It can be from being bored, not getting enough exercise, being separated from a family member, loud noises (thunder, fireworks), or being obsessive-compulsive.

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