The Best Pet Hair Resistance Fabric: How to Keep Your Home Fur-Free

If you’re like most pet owners, you probably find yourself constantly cleaning up after your furry friend. And if you have a dog, you know that their hair can be pretty stubborn to get rid of! That’s why finding the best pet hair resistance fabric is so important. We’ll go over some of the greatest materials for resisting pet hair in this blog post, as well as how to keep your home fur-free!

The higher the thread count of a fabric, the less dog hair will be attracted. This is because high-thread-count materials are made with softer fibers tightly woven together. This is ideal for breeds that have long and thick hair, such as cold climate dogs.

Remember to avoid furniture fabrics with a lot of texture. This is because dog hair can get trapped in the fabric’s thread and weave. Furniture materials that resist pet hair are better for keeping your home clean.

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Seven Varieties of Fabric That Repel Pet Hair.

1. MicroSuede

MicroSuede is pet-friendly, non-woven, and easy to clean. It doesn’t show dirt, and it’s soft to the touch.

The fabric is machine washable and gets softer with each wash. This means that it is easy to remove your pet’s hair. All you need to do is run your vacuum nozzle over the fabric.

2. Leather

Leather is resistant to pet hair and easy to clean. It repels and resists pet hair and stains well.

Dogs’ hair will not stick to leather furniture, but it will accumulate on the surface if it is not cleaned.

You need to vacuum your furniture and use a damp cloth to remove any pet hair. You will also have to condition your leather to keep it soft clean, and prevent cracking.

3. Moleskin

Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric. It is very soft and durable, but it can be ruined if you wash it too much.

The tightness of the structure means your pet’s hair doesn’t cling to the material. The fabric is also quite soft, and it just grows softer with time. Most of the hair will fall out of your bedsheets if you shake them too vigorously.

4. Microfiber

The individual threads that make up the microfiber fabric are tightly woven together. This makes it hard for pet hairs to stick to the fabric. Microfibers are stronger and less likely to break than natural fibers.

5. Denim

Some fabrics, like denim, are better at resisting pet hair than others. You can try this out at home in your own clothes. See if your jeans work better than other fabrics for keeping pet hair off of you.

6. Linen

Linen has great fibers that are both absorbent and quick to dry. Thanks to its threads, the fabric is excellent, so it lasts a long time. Linen has been shown to help you relax and sleep better. The cloth is so beautifully woven that it resists your pet’s hair.

7. Tightly Woven Cotton

You can keep dog hair away from your cotton fabric by buying a 500 thread count or higher type of cotton. The tighter the weave of the fabric, the less dog hair will attach to it; hence the higher the thread count, the less dog hair will stick to it.

These Fabrics Attracts More Pet Hair

The following types of fabrics are the most resistant to pet hair. They are also smooth, making it easier for your pet hair to be repelled.

Try to avoid using fabrics that cause hair to stick if you can.


This material can be a good bed for your pet. It traps most of the pet’s hair. Corduroy isn’t a good choice if you have pets that shed fur.

Velvet and Velour

Velvet is a beautiful fabric. It is very delicate, though, so you have to be careful with it. It is not the best material for dealing with stains, and it often attracts pet hair.

Six Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Your Clothes and Furniture

If you have garments or furniture that are not pet-hair-resistant, there are a few proactive and reactive measures you may take to minimize pet hair.

If you train your dog properly, they will listen to you and not jump up on your furniture. This means that there will be less pet hair for you to clean.

1. You should pre-dry your clothes before you wash them. This will help them dry faster. You should also run your bedding through the dryer on a low setting before washing it. This will loosen any hair on the bedding, and it will get caught in the filter of your dryer.

2. Get a Furminator deShedding tool, the ChomChom roller for your bed, sofas and comforters, or the Scotch-Brite Lint Roller for your clothing on Amazon.

3. Leather is a good choice for furniture if you have a pet. It’s one of the best fabrics for repelling and resisting pet hair. That being said, if you do not want leather, you can choose leather or another type of fabric that does not attract pet hair.

4. If you use quilts on your bed, use a duvet that is larger than your quilts. This will give you full coverage. The duvet is lightweight and works well in the summer when it’s hot. You can wash it in your washer as often as needed.

5. You should brush and de-Shed your pet regularly. This donut cuddler pet bed is cozy, which means your dog or cat will enjoy curling up in it. It also minimizes odors and excess pet hair.

You can check out this site to learn more about the best tips for taking care of your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Hair Resistant Fabric

What Fabric Does Pet Hair Not Stick To?

The best bedding fabrics for repelling pet hair are made with tightly-woven materials, such as canvas, tight-knit cotton, microfiber, rayon, satin, and silk. These materials will make it difficult for the fur to stick to the fabric. This will make it easier to shake off or wipe away any pet hair that may accumulate.

Does Dog Hair Stick to Microfiber?

Microfiber is a cost-effective and durable material. The tightly woven finish means that dog hair won’t stick to it. If any hair does cling to the bedding, it can be brushed away easily because of the smooth finish.

Does Polyester Attract Dog Hair?

Polyester does not attract as much pet hair as other materials, and you’ll still notice the hair on the fabric. However, there is an easy way to remove all pet hair. All you need is a vacuum, a pet hair product, or a de-shedding tool.

Does Velvet Collect Dog Hair?

Velvet is a high-maintenance fabric. If you are looking for a fabric that will attract a lot of dirt and hair, then velvet is the right choice. Your soft velvet-upholstered sofa or chaise lounge will act as a magnet, attracting dog and cat hair, even if your pet is across the room. Yes, velvet does exude sophistication and class.

What Kind of Blanket Does Not Attract Dog Hair?

Fabrics like microfiber, satin, silk, leather, and tight-woven cotton repel pet hair very well. These fabrics have small holes, making it harder for pet hair to get stuck in them. You can easily shake or dust the hair off these types of fabrics. Stay away from wool, velvet, and nylon, which do not repel pet hair as well.

Is Microfiber or Leather Better for Pets?

Microfiber is cheaper than leather and can be found in many colors to suit most decor tastes. It is smooth, so it doesn’t catch on claws, which is great if you have a pet that likes to scratch furniture. Animal hair also goes practically unnoticed.

Do Bamboo Sheets Repel Dog Hair?

Bamboo is a good material for dog-proof bedding. It is known for being hypoallergenic and having microbial properties. The Zen Bamboo bed set has a woven fabric made from 40% rayon from organic bamboo.

Is 100% Polyester the Same As Microfiber?

Polyester and microfiber are two different materials. Polyester is a stretchy material that is often used in clothing. Microfiber is a material that is often used to make clothes and clean rags.

Is Suede Good for Dog Hair?

Some fabrics, like suede and velvet, or brocade, fuzzy wool, and velour, attract a lot of dog hair and fur. Suppose you’re okay with regularly cleaning them or using a lint roller. In that case, they can be a great choice for something small and decorative, like a throw pillow or two.

What Is the Best Material for a Couch When You Have Dogs?

In general, the best material for both dogs and cats is microfiber. Microfiber is a synthetic material that is easy to clean and hard to scratch or rip. It also lasts for a long time.

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